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Does your car need new tires? Don’t pay hundreds of dollars for new tires, Chula Vista Tire & Wheel can offer you great quality used tires.

The best way to take care of your tires is to drive at a good speed, with caution, avoiding unnecessary acceleration, impulsive braking, fast turns, and objects or holes on the road.

Also, try to avoid hitting your tires on the sidewalk, because those sidewalk hits can damage your tires and rims in a major way.


Many people do not know the benefits of putting nitrogen in their tires, rather than air. We would like you to know the advantages of filling your tires with nitrogen.

Therefore, come and visit us today for more information on how nitrogen can help you and your vehicle!

  • The correct pressure can be maintained for longer.
  • Greater stability is achieved even at different temperatures.
  • Helps you save gasoline!
  • Prolong the life of the tires.
  • If for some reason your tire pops, the tire will begin to deflate much slower than if it had air inside.

Branick offers you the largest line of nitrogen generators so there will surely be a model that suits your vehicle.

Our systems are becoming the standard for many cars and trucks for both automotive and fleet applications, corporations as big as Safeway and Wal-Mart use the same system that Branick uses.
With Branick, you will find everything you need in nitrogen inflation systems.
We have the correct machine for the injection of nitrogen into your tires and the system to inflate your tires in the best way, let us prove it. Come and see for yourself!